Monday, July 03, 2006

Lots of Wats......

"Wat" means temple in Thai. They are all over the place. Just like churches back home. They don't all have monks running about. We went to one a few weeks ago, that is famous, because they have a shrine that is supposed to have Buddha's footprints in it. From what i could see, he had little tiny tiny feet. This was my first time visiting a Wat. I got to pray (I think i just asked to be able to get back up off my knees), and place the incense, and the whole deal. Also, they give you a little folded piece of paper. In it, are a few small sheets of gold leaf. After you pray, you press these onto the shrine, or one of the statues.
Afterwards, you pick up these special hooked sticks, and walk along this row of hanging bells. Tapping each one as you go is supposed to bring good luck. And, yes, I am aware that in the first shot i am doing that dorky peace sign thing, but Palmy made me do it!