Sunday, December 31, 2006

Skul Nooz

Our little school is still chugging along. I think basically it is a practice arena for me, but they still seem to be learning. We lost a few students when regular school started, but we will get them back over the next break in March and and April. I finally landed a real teaching gig at a local private school. It's called "Pen Pattana", which means "Moon writing", or something. It's named after the owners Mom. I don't start until May, but I have a contract (which doesn't mean squat here)and all, so I am hoping it will happen. I met with them twice, and taught a class with them watching. All went well. As always, we will see.

Friday, December 22, 2006

New houses and mushroom farms

Hi again. I got a few new shots of Ead and Nan's new house in progress. I also got a few pics of them, and their son Ice. The house is looking great. They have 3 stories set up and the roof on it. Ead's dad says we should open a mushroom farm (No, not THOSE kind of mushrooms). I asked Ead if we could build a few mushroom houses on the Bannok property...was the first time I have ever heard her growl. Haaaa! That's ok, Big daddy and I will be mushroom kings!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Shop

I thought i would put a few pics up of the shop. That's Dea sitting on the floor making a sign. Tik is in there too somewhere, but you can't see her. I think she was making more sunflower things to sell at the dam. That's my desk, where i spend most of my time messing about.