Saturday, August 18, 2007

I learning jawa!

Hi all. I am sorry I haven't been writing much lately, but we have been very busy. Roong's office has elections coming up, so all the big wigs are running about, wasting money, and making sure they are kissing the right asses. Which of course doesn't include the asses of all the little people that they squeezed their money out of to get there in the first place.
Palmy got her first term grades back from University. She took 3 classes and she got 3 A's. I had told her that if she got 4 A's, we would talk about getting her a car. That was apparently not enough motivation to take 4 classes. Haaa! Oh, "jawa" is "java" in Thai...I hope.

Life at school is a hoot. Every friday we have a meeting and discuss what we need to do. Every friday we say the same things, and every friday the boss nods his head and says "Yes Yes Yes", and every friday nothing has changed from the previous week. Sooo..I have been experimenting a bit. The problem is comprehension. If the kids can't understand something, they are not going to remember it. In this, I seem to have found my niche in life. Every week, I come up with a different way to try and accomplish this. Luckily, what I lack in experience, I more than make up with by being entirely too stubborn to give up. We are going to try a different tactic next term, but I still have 7 weeks to mess about and see if I can come up with something astounding.

Jan and I have been hired to help with an English camp up in Chaing Mai in October. It's 10 days of 2 day camps for some of the more elite schools in Bangkok. I am happy about this, because I can see what the rich folk are doing and expecting as far as their children's English language education is concerned. It also helps get me in good with those schools that would pay me more than double my current salary. Jan has a friend that is making over 75,000 baht a month teaching in Bangkok. He has offered both of us positions, and it is very very tempting. It would mean commuting on the weekends back up here to Pattananikom, but damn, that's a lot of money here.