Saturday, September 13, 2008

Discipline? I'll show you discipline!

Classroom management? You're looking at it bubba! Haaaa! Next week, I will work on them calling me "Your highness" instead of "Teacher Don".

Just kidding. This is my M-2/5 class. They are my most skilled students. As a reward for their hard work, I try and give them as much free time as possible. The girls are practicing for a ceremony, for a Buddhist celebration next month. Sometimes they sing, and sometimes they dance, and it's always traditionl stuff. It's very interesting to watch them go through the motions of what they are practicing. They take it very seriously, but they still have fun doing it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Drawing Tablets and New Underwear

Howdy all. it's been a wierd few weeks here. First, Roong had a small fender bender in the car( she wasn't hurt ). It took out a headlight and crinkled a fender. We figured we might as well get the rust taken out and have it painted, as long as it was going in, anyway. We got it back this afternoon. It looks ok I guess. The next, and worst thing was, I got nailed with a virus. It hit Roong's computer first, or maybe Pukky's, we aren't sure. Anyway, we got rid of it, but it popped up on mine about a week later. It ate all my Word and .pdf files. Everything is gone. All my lesson plans, the student books I wrote, everything. This was suckage of the highest caliber.
Ok, so what do you do after 2 years of work and research goes poof? Right! Cheeseburgers! Sunday, Roong and I went to Bangkok, for a little shopping, and anything on a dinner plate that didn't involve rice. Roong found a jacket and top that she liked, I ended up finding a few new movies, a drawing tablet, and new underwear. I wanted a Wacom tablet, but those are way too expensive. This one is an off brand, but the guy hooked it up to his computer, and it worked fine. It set up here on mine with no problems either.
My t-shirts are selling a bit better. I have gone from selling 1 a month to selling over 20. I hope that keeps going up. So, now, instead of a stupid little old ugly car, we have a stupid little old pretty car. Business is picking up a wee bit. And, I have yet another computer toy to piss me off. But, I wore my new underwear today, and that went well.