Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunflower Children

Howdy. Not much going on these days. I have another 3 days off for fall vacation. I have been puttering about the house mostly. I just wanted to get a few pics of the sunflowers up. They start blooming here at the end of October. The tourists will start coming soon. It lasts for about 2 months. Last year we had too much rain, and the crop wasn't very good. This year looks to be better, but fewer farmers are planting them. There is more money to be made planting sugar cane, well, there was, until EVERYONE started planting sugar cane. Anyway, here is a few shots of Roong and I in the sunflower fields near our house.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Penpattana English Camp 2550 (Thai time)

Well, it seems we all survived English camp. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun. We took the Matayom 2 monsters to the Supalai resort. It's about 50km from here, out in the jungle. It is beautiful. Nice little bungalow type houses to stay in, lovely scenery, a pool, and good food.

We divided the 58 students into 4 groups, and made little passports for each group. They had to visit the 8 activities in 2 days and get a stamp. I came up with a word Othello game for them to play. I made 2 teams, and gave each team a word. They had to make a full sentence with that word, to receive a disc to put on the Othello board. I made a very large board that they could play with on the ground, and painted old CD's black and white to use as playing tiles. They seem to enjoy it and did pretty good at it. Other activities had them make posters of the trip, guess the mystery object in a box, and Roxanne's activity involved licking icing off of something. I didn't get a chance to see that one, but the possibilities boggle the mind. Haaaa!

In the evening of the first day there, the kids and some of the teachers put on a stage show. They did a sort of silly cowboy fashion show, to crown "Mr. & Ms. English Smart Camp". There was lots of singing and dancing, and the kids got pretty fired up. It was like a little concert. It seems you can't escape karaoke no matter where you go here. Yeesh!

I have photos, but blogger is being a putz and won't take them. I will add them later when it settles down. Seeya!