Monday, April 26, 2010

I live in a petting zoo

Ok, everyone sing along, Ooooooo....

If there's a cobra on your carport, clap your hands!
If there's a cobra on your carport, clap your hands!

If it's prone to nasty fits, and it strikes at you, or spits,

There's a cobra on your carport, clap your hands!

Ahhh... spring is in the air, and that means hatching time for our favorite lurker. It wasn't quite as big as this bad boy, but that doesn't seem to matter. The little ones are just as dangerous as the big ones, and less predictable. Luckily, stupid Bongo was too busy barking at the neighbors to notice our visitor. The people across the street have been here at least as long as I have, but for some reason, Bongo only barks at them, and chases their scooters. She doesn't bother anyone else on our block. Anyway, I used a broom to shoo the snake out the gate, and it went down the storm drain. I am not so much worried about anyone getting bitten, as I am about the poor snake getting eaten.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Mobii Art T-shirts

Since I am still on holiday, and it's too damn hot to go outside, I put some new t-shirt designs up. I thought putting the star sign constellations on a tee might be an interesting thing to do. But, after remembering how cheesy "Hey baby, what's your sign?" sounded, I almost took them back down again. Haaa! The Thai fish yin-yang is an old design. I found a great book that is teaching me some of the basics for Thai art. This was one of the designs in the book that they show you as a reference. Pig and Dog, Machine Gun Fingers, and the rest, pretty much speak for themselves.

Pig and Dog

Thai Fish Yin-Yang

Blame Japan

Machine Gun Fingers

Newbie in Wonderland


Aquarius Constellation Zodiac