Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chowing down in Thailand....

The Food here is great. It's mostly just small amounts of moo (pork) or kai (chicken) mixed with veggies and sprouts and stuff. It's served in a soup fashion, or in a broth made mostly of coconut milk. And of course a fair amount of one or more of the many different chili peppers they have here. There's alot of different ways to hurt yourself at the dinner table here.
The Fruit on the other hand is a hoot. Oranges are green, pears have seeds the size of a golf ball, and grapes have hard shells and segments like a tangerine. The strangest is the Rambutan. It is kind of like a small red pear with a leathery shell, and huge soft spines. But they all taste great. here are a few shots of the fruits and fruit stands. I can't pronounce the names of most of them without causing my wife to convulse with laughter, so i won't even try to spell them. Some of these photos are off the internet, because they are out of season, and some where taken here.