Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Edward Livingston-Blade

As many of you know, I have a friend on Mirc named Barking_Frog (Edward Livingstone-Blade). He is a writer, with a trilogy under his belt, and now a comic book series underway. I am posting the banner for the series, and will add a paragraph describing it, as soon as the frawg gets off his ass and writes one for me. Aha!!! here it is.....

"The Man Who Wasnt There" is the story of Geoffrey Mearn: hero, criminal, sometimes-mendicant, and former President of the United States.His world is a reality that has run in loose parallel with our own, but anaccelerated space program -- driven in part by competition with a SovietUnion that never fully collapsed -- has brought the major world powers to thedoorstep of manned space exploration beyond their own moon.With Mearn in the role of unwitting catalyst, events are forcing togetherseveral dissonant powers, formerly operating only in the shadows of society.As they face off, violence is inevitable, and the civilized world will betheir battleground. When the field is cleared, what -- if anything -- willremain?
For more info on this riveting new comic and the man behind the story, writer Edward Livingston-Blade, head to The Man Who Wasn’t There

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a week!

We got to see the governor last night. Roong and I went to Long Bia for valentines day last night. After about an hour or so, the police showed up and started carding people. Seems they were looking to get rid of the underagers in there. Then the Governor of Lopburi came in. I am not sure what he was up too. One of his flunkys stopped and talked to us for a few minutes. He said the Gov was touring Restaurants and hotels that night. Whatever.
The other day, a few kids wanted to interview me while we were having lunch. They just asked a few basic questions. It had something to do with school. This photo was taken then.