Monday, June 18, 2007

2 Chics in a tree

We had a bit of excitement here this weekend. One of the locals discovered a "Takian" tree. The Thai people believe that a spirit resides in these trees. Here's the story..... It seems that the ground beneath this Takian tree eroded away, and it fell into the river. A local farmer spotted the tree and pulled it out. His plan was to cut the tree up into useful boards. But, when he pulled his saw across it, it bled. Yeah, red type people blood. He decided not to make boards after all. That night as he slept, a woman appeared in his dreams, and asked him not to destroy her home and to take her to the local Wat (temple). That was enough for him, and he did it. It turns out that there are 2 female spirits residing in this tree. The monks made a nice spirit house for them, and then had a big ceremony to ask the ladies to move into the spirit house, and to be at peace. We attended the ceremony. It was wild. Lots of music and chanting monks and all.
Oh, and then everyone went out and bought lottery tickets, because it was a lucky day! Haaaaa!