Thursday, July 31, 2008

HTML Practice

I am just practicing with html for my RedBubble site. They have a lot of really creative artwork on there. Not just T-shirts, but great wall art and writing too. I just used this here for my stuff to see which sites it will work on, and which it won't.

Hello Bing - Bing by mobiiGeisha Origami by mobiiI tried it at home by mobii

I love hentai by mobii Beach Volleyball by mobii Tell'em Groucho sent ya by mobii

Listen Quicker! by mobii Origami Skunk by mobii Double Cheeseburger by mobii

Get Dzi Stoned by mobii 8 Ball by mobii Save the Chocolate by mobii

Good Teacher by mobii You Look Funny by mobii Feed Your Head by mobii

I taught your girlfriend ..... by mobii I Love a Parade by mobii The In Crowd by mobii

Cooler than ........ by mobii Is that a banana in your pocket? by mobii Chef Ramsey by mobii

Warning: This is Sparta! by mobii Google thy self by mobii Happy x 3 by mobii

Just Sit by mobii Music - Weapon of the Future by mobii Live LOUD by mobii

Take your best shot by mobii Always Write! by mobii I'm Somebody by mobii

If your in the mood for a bit of wall art for your home or office, then please give these a look.

Sakura by mobii Cherry Blossoms 1 by mobii

Go Go by mobii Thai Girl by mobii
Lion Dog by mobii The Dragon by mobii
Bing - Bing X 4 by mobii

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thai Wine

Someone gave me a bottle of Thai wine. I don't remember who or when though. It has been in the fridge for a few months. Palmy came home for the weekend, and asked about it, so I figured that was as good a reason as any to open it. The first problem we encountered was the lack of a corkscrew. We came up with some pretty ingenious ways to try and open the bottle without one, but nothing worked. We stopped just short of getting the Makita and a 3/4 inch wood bit out. I finally just took it to the sink, and lopped the neck of the bottle off. We lost a bit in spillage, but nothing serious.
The first thing we noticed is that Thai red wine isn't all that red. It's kind of a brownish color. The only red thing I have seen here is this rugged ass home made wiskey that the locals brew up at home. It actually tastes pretty good, but will tear you up after about 4 - 5 glasses. Anyway, Palmy and I had a glass. The next thing we noticed, was that it tastes exactly like prune juice. At first, I thought I was gonna hurl, and Palmy was making some pretty strange faces at the taste. But after a few minutes, you kind of get used to it. It wasn't actually that bad. For prune juice I mean. We made it through the bottle, and Palmy ended up rather giggley and sporting a very red face. There are actually more wineries here than I would have believed. I think we need to look in Bangkok, the next time we go. Maybe there will be a better selection.