Sunday, December 18, 2016

Medical Incarceration: The Final Chapter

Ah, just back from yet another luxurious vacation at the "Thamassat Medical University Resort and Casino". This was supposed to be the surgery to end all surgeries. I have my doubts. Mainly, because of the pesky bone infection that appears to follow the surgeries around. Wherever they operate, it gets infected. Of course, this is all my fault.

This time, they re-aligned the bones in my foot, wired them together, and then bolted this erector set looking brace to 7 places in my leg and foot. Not only is this rig screwed into my bones, but the damn thing weighs several kilos, and makes it very hard to get my pants on and off.

The Osteo department was not nearly as much fun as the Trauma department was. The nurses in Osteo have absolutely no sense of humor. As soon as I was able to snatch a wheel chair, I was out of there! I only had to stay there for 8 days. My wife says that they let me go home early because I wouldn't do what they told me to do anyway. Other than going outside every few hours to have a cigarette, I am not sure what I did. The Trauma nurses dropped by every now and then for a visit, so I couldn't have been too bad.

Anyway, The Osteo doctor is cool, but says that even though the wound is healing well, I have to wear this thing for 7 more weeks. Until then, I am recouping in exotic Pattananikom. I hope to be braceless and working again by March (If I still have a job). Just in time for baseball season. We'll see what happens.