Friday, December 02, 2016

A New Mummy? Cruise????

I do not know which scares me more, another Mummy franchise attempt, or the fact that Tom Cruise is in it. The shlocky trio that came out with Brendon Frazier were OK, if just taken for what they were, silly action movies. But this? I can't even imagine the number of boxes of malted milk balls it would take me to get through it.

Cruise only has one style and one look, that "I'm angry, but not sure why" head tilt thing he does. "Jerry Maguire" and "A Few Good Men" are practically interchangeable for Pete's sake!. This may out bad The Rock as the tooth fairy (well, maybe not that bad). But seriously, didn't they learn anything from "War of the Worlds"? This is a whole new can of bad idea! Except for Sophia Boutella, of course, she can rest her camel at the oasis any time.

* Note: On the opposite side of the Hollywood coin, I watched "Suicide Squad" and "Dr. Strange". Those movies seemed to get a lot of bad reviews when they came out. I am not sure why. I was a Marvel Comics kid, and didn't really pay much attention to DC. Maybe that is why I didn't expect anything monumental from "Suicide Squad", but it kept me interested. "Dr. Strange" was pretty good. They changed it up enough to be new, but kept true to the basic idea of the comic book story, as I remember it.