Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cafe Toothless

This is the place we go the most to eat, especially lunch, when time is short. It's just a block away from the school. As you can see, it's basically a garage with one of those little hot dog type push carts out front, with a burner and a gas bottle. These places don't have names on them, they just put a sign up that tells you what their specialty is. They plaster any signs that the soda companies will give them for free all over the wall, for wall paper. We don't know his name, but he and his friend have been living and cooking there for many years. Well, he has. His friend just sits in the back, watches TV, and drinks beer all day. A big plate of Kow pad or Pad se-u cost about 35 baht ($1). Not a bad deal. It can cost more to make dinner at home for us sometimes, so eating at these little places doesn't affect the budget at all.