Friday, February 29, 2008

Skewl Update

Ok, it seems that the Thai government, in all their greedy ass, only thinking of today, waste my F**king time yet again type glory , have decided that all teachers need a teaching certificate to teach here. While I understand the need to make sure that all teachers can actually teach, this still smacks of just another way to get a few thousand baht (12,000 to be specific) out of all of us rich foreigners. It doesn't seem so bad though. All I need to do is take a Thai culture course for two weekends, and then take a basic teaching technique/practices test. Shouldn't be too bad.

It is also contract negotiation time here at good old Penpattana. This sucked! The boss knows that I can't change schools while I am in the process of getting that damn teaching certificate, so the little prick won't give me a raise. He says that because I get 2 months off a year, with pay, he can't afford it. Well, no shit ya little baboon! Most teachers are off for at least part of the summer vacation period everywhere else in the world. Roong says to just "accept" it for now. Yeah, the Thai national mantra. But, I will do it. Pukky still has 3 years of school left to go here, so we probably won't move anywhere until she is finished.

Speaking of Roong.... It seems that now the government has decided that people at her position level can only stay at the same office for a maximum of 4 years. This means that wifezilla has to switch offices this year. She isn't sure where she wants to go yet, but I doubt that she will want to go to far away. It also depends on what other offices have people at her level that have to move too. She can just switch with one of them. It shouldn't be hard, because her office is considered to be a pretty good one.

Lastly, our little niece Bing Bing will be coming to stay here soon. Thaa and Boonam are having..umm...problems, so we suggested that Bing come and stay here with us, or next door with mom and dad. I think Bing Bing is 8 now. She's a great kid, and no trouble at all. She will go to my school this next term, so she can just ride into work with me.