Friday, February 01, 2008

This explains everything

Bangkok, Thailand (AHN) -- A 52-year old woman from Thailand is claiming that aside from enjoying riding toy motorcycles, her pet frog can also predict winning lottery numbers.

Tongsai Boommrungtai, 52, said she came across the black spotted frog outside her house in Roi-Et.

"The frog had a small chick in its mouth," she said of her frog which she named Nong Oui. "I looked her straight in the eye and knew I could communicate with her. I told her to drop the chick and she did and then came hopping in."

"Ever since she has been a member of the family. For a long time villagers would come round and get tips on the National Lottery with the frog's help. They used to read the skin on her stomach and look for numbers."

"Ten people subsequently won the lottery which drew crowds to the house - and then they started losing. So I have had to ground her. I promised one day to take her to the seaside, and her dream has come true."

"There is nothing more that she likes than to ride her toy Harley-Davison, or a battery operated dumper truck. But she can strike a pose just about anywhere."

The frog also recommends diversification of stock portfolios, due to the recent downward trend of the Dow Jones. Oh, and he says that Hilly will kick Obama's ass in November.

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