Saturday, September 09, 2006

Palmy goes into business at Ban-nok

Palmy got a job! There is a beautiful restaurant/bar/hotel here called "Ban-Nok". It's an open air place that is done in a Western American style (sorta). The food is great and the Singha beer is cold. What more could you ask for? The place is owned an operated by a real nice couple named Ead and Nan (That's Ead and i in the first Photo). They are great friends, and alot of fun to hang out with. Ead runs the restaurant and all, and Nan does all the landscaping (which is amazing with all the flowers, ponds, and waterfalls). Ead said that she wanted a website, but it has to be in Thai. So i asked Palmy if she wanted to give it a shot, because her personal site is very creative. Palmy was all over that (for the right amount of baht of course!). On saturday i took Palmy over there to get some photos, and some information. Ead ordered up a bunch of food, so we could get photos of that too. It was a beautiful spread. The food was delicious, and we got to chow down on it with her and her family after we took all the photos. It seems my favorite hidey hole has gone world wide web on me. What can ya do?