Monday, September 04, 2006

The Kings Wat (temple)

Last weekend was alot of fun. Roong and i went to the kings palace and Wat in Bangkok after our monthly battle with the evil Immigration dept. The whole thing is an explosion of color and light. Everything is covered in gold leaf, colored glass, and mirror chips (which explains what happened to all those disco balls from the 70's, Haaaa!). The most amazing thing was the hallways. Encircling the entire place is a wall with one open air side. The other side is covered with a long painting, that tells the entire story of Thailands mythology. I got to talk to one of the several people who are constantly working on repairing and maintaining it. Roong explained alot of the story bits too me. I would like to find a book on their mythology that is in English. The stories are wild. The one shot of the front of the palace has a balcony. This is where the king comes out and waves, and does whatever else kings do. We also got to go into the temple and place insence and pray. was very nice. You can't take photos in there though, because it is the kings private area.