Friday, February 17, 2017

Me and My Memory

Memory is a strange animal. I just remembered a song that I have been trying to put my finger on since the early 80's. Yeah, a hazy part of the tune has been floating around in my head meat for that long. I just figured that I would hear it on the radio, or something, and "voila!", I'd have it.

Didn't happen. I remember the year, because that same night, I heard Huey Lewis' "I want a new drugl" for the first time too. That, I remembered. And the odds got even worse when the internet popped up because radio kind of went the way of the buffalo, and the 80's just faded away. That wasn't the first decade to get locked in the closet, but I really do miss the music from it.

Anyway, I was half-ass listening to a webinar that was teaching me how to be a millionaire by Thursday, and it hit me. Not only the name of the song but the artist too. So, I tried to figure out what triggered it. I mean, after over 30 years of wracking my brain, I think I deserved an answer.

The guy babbling in the info video stuttered, and that's what triggered the memory. Here's the song.