Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pre-rainy season Show

We had our first 2 hour rain storm of the year this evening, and you know what that means....Yep, it rains for 2 hours and then the electricity goes off for 4 hours! Every time it rains, we loose power. I hate living in the damn boonies! I do have to give our storms here credit for one thing though, they sure put on a hell of a light show. There's always a lot of lightning when it rains here. We have everything from those huge bolts that almost deafen you, to these really wild ones that remind me of those 4th of July fireworks that were a bunch of small orange crackling lines that spidered out from the main explosion and cover the sky. I have never seen those anywhere else besides here.

Normally, I would just bail and go to Ban-nok to wait it out, but it was too late for that. Ead never seems to loose power at her place, and if she does, it's only for a little while. After about 3 hours, we lost the water too. Roong put candles all over the place so we could see. I have no doubt that we will be spending tomorrow scraping wax off things!