Sunday, March 11, 2012

T-shirt Biz Nuuz

I have news from the tee biz front. I have hooked up with a guy named Chris who lives up in Chaing Mai, and he is going to help me get a decent t-shirt blog up and running. Chris has a lot of blogs and websites, but I know him from his "Living in Thailand" blog. He writes about anything and everything related to what goes on around here, and what you need to know to survive it. He even has a book that helps you learn to speak Thai. His blog is an interesting and sometimes very funny read, even if you don't live here. So, get ye hence and checketh it out!

This is the only blog that I have that I mess with so far. I just keep this for a place to bitch about stuff, or say whatever I want to. I do like to write, but have never done it enough to get good at it. Chris says that is something I have to work on. He is talking about a 800 word post a day, or so. That's going to be rough at first, because I don't consider myself a t-shirt design guru, but must come across as one. I am sure that I will totally obsess over this word count thing too. I even found an auto word counter online. He says that if I just focus on giving straight forward useful information, that with practice, I should be Ok. I hope so because if you can write, you can make money on the internet, and that's a fact. Content! Content! Content! We'll see.

The name of the blog will be "Tshirt Designs Ideas". When Chris first suggested that, I stared at it for quite a while. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. It's that "s" on "designs" that kept making me make the "huh?" face. I did some checking, but couldn't find anything better that was available. It seems that everyone has already bought all the good keywords so that they can sell them back to you for $1500. That blows! Yeah yeah, I know that if you can grab the good words first, it's a good business to be into. But it still hits me as ebay gone bad. If you aren't going to use it, leave it alone so I can afford it damn it!

I am not sure when the "Tshirt Designs Ideas" blog will be up and running yet. I still have 2 weeks of school left, and about 720 final exams to give and grade. But, after that I have about a month off, so that's when I am going to get at this new blog thing, and try to become at least a tolerably decent writer. I will let you know when something happens.

Oh, this post has 483 words in it. (see, I told you this would happen!)