Wednesday, November 19, 2008

School stuff

I couldn't remember if I had put up a pic of the school after it had been added on to.
We are full up at about 2800 students.

This first shot is of the kids playing "chair ball". They have 2 teams of about 8 kids, on a field about half the size of a soccer field. The object is to pass the ball (you can't run with it) to your other team mates, and get it down the filed. Once there, you throw the ball, over the goalies head, and your team mate standing on the chair, tries to catch it in the basket. They have a load of fun with this.

Is my class thrilling, or what?

A few of the cheerleaders taking a break. They take their cheering seriously here. They will all have laryngitis tomorrow

This is the next team warming up in the bullpen.

Uncontrolled chaos!