Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Medical Non-Incarceration Update

Well well well, just back from Thamassat hospital...AGAIN. The news wasn't too bad. The bones look good and the wounds are healing. My foot got a little red and swollen a few days ago though. The doc says it may just be a touch of arthritis. He says all my bio whatever levels are OK, so he doesn't think the infection is back.

He also said that he will unbolt this damn brace from my leg when I go back to see him in 3 weeks. He will put me in a cast for a few weeks after that, but a cast will be much easier to get around in, and I can kind of walk in it.That should give me a couple of days practice getting about before the Superbowl.

The doc, and MOST of the nurses, have been pretty groovy throughout this whole thing. But today, I met the head nurse of the Osteo department. I though this would be a piece of cake, but noooooo!

That woman tore off old scabs, yanked out old sutures, sliced off dead skin, and apparently, just to feel she had given me her all, she decided to dunk my foot in an alcohol bath. Plus, she didn't say a word through the whole thing. But, I did detect the slightest hint of a smile when my open wounds hit the alcohol. Upon our next meeting, there will be a reckoning, I swear it.