Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Girls

No, not No.1 and No. 2 daughters, I mean my other 500 babies. It's final exam week here in la la land. It's funny, because if you ask a teacher if they are ready for finals, they always say "yep, I'm ready to go!", but if you ask a student, they go in to 3 kinds of shock and run off screaming " NO NO NO!" Yeesh, they'll live through it, they always do.

Here's three of my best. It's these few that you just know are going to do something great some day, that makes it all worth while. Now, if only I could remember their names.

Here's the rest of the herd. They do get a bit noisy once in a while, but when it's time to work, all my M-2/1 girls jump to it. You might be wondering why they are all congregated around my laptop, and why there's a broom there.

Well, once they are finished with their classwork, I ask them to give the room a quick cleaning, to keep it nice so Sister Mary Iron Pants doesn't jump my ass about it every Friday. That's when she makes her rounds.

Once the girls have tidied up the place, I let them hit Youtube, and turn the volume up. A few of them act as DJ, while the rest of them just dance around lip syncing the song.

And, this is what they get up to if you leave them alone for more than 5 minutes, shadow snogging! They're all lesbians for a little while anyway, it's like a phase they go through I guess.