Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Budding Artist

Both of our daughters, Palmiez and Pukky, are in to computers. Palmiez has just graduated from university and gotten her first job as a programmer. Pukky is getting ready to start uni, and will probably follow along the same path. Or will she? Pukky loves to draw, and is really quite good at it. Drawing on the computer with Photoshop is new to her, but she is really going at it. She has even opened up a t-shirt shop on RedBubble to sell her new designs.

She is going by the name of "MooPukkyKa", which translates to something like "Little Pig Pukky". The "ka" on the end is a polite article that doesn't really have an exact translation that I know of. You just add it to everything you say here to be polite if you're a girl, or you add "kob" if you're a guy.

She did this one to celebrate "Drawing Day" last week. Pukky has 4-5 artworks up now, and she is really getting good at using Photoshop. Try and stop by her shop and see what she is up to.