Monday, February 14, 2011

Big mama's Degree

Roong's graduation ceremony is almost here. She has to go and practice a few times before the actual event. She will receive her Master's Degree diploma from "Big Princess" on the 4th of March. There will be many thousands of people graduating during that week. Roong was told that they only want each person to take something like 3 seconds to receive their diploma from the princess.

The girls and I are going, but we won't get to see much. For security reasons, only the graduates are allowed in the room with the princess. No cell phones or anything are allowed to be carried in there either. We have to watch the ceremony on a big monitor outside of the hall.

Roong has to practice all morning, and then will graduate in the afternoon. So, I will take the girls shopping while she is doing the practicing, and then come back to watch the ceremony. Puk needs to get her university uniforms and such for her first term. The ceremony will be held in Bangkok, so we can hit some decent stores for a change. I haven't had any bad pizza or been to a good bookstore since last year. Hmmm, on second thought, I'd rather have good pizza and a bad bookstore.