Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Mobii Art T-shirts

Since I am still on holiday, and it's too damn hot to go outside, I put some new t-shirt designs up. I thought putting the star sign constellations on a tee might be an interesting thing to do. But, after remembering how cheesy "Hey baby, what's your sign?" sounded, I almost took them back down again. Haaa! The Thai fish yin-yang is an old design. I found a great book that is teaching me some of the basics for Thai art. This was one of the designs in the book that they show you as a reference. Pig and Dog, Machine Gun Fingers, and the rest, pretty much speak for themselves.

Pig and Dog

Thai Fish Yin-Yang

Blame Japan

Machine Gun Fingers

Newbie in Wonderland


Aquarius Constellation Zodiac