Thursday, October 16, 2008

The night we raided Pattaya

Our boss took about 90 of the teachers on a short vacation to Pattaya. And, I do mean short. Pattaya is a costal resort town that is about 4 hours away from here. It's probably the naughty capital of Thailand. There is all kinds of trouble to get up too. I didn't get many photos, because most of the activity happens at night, and the shots didn't come out so good. Sorry about that.

At about 5 am, we all hopped on 2 big tour buses and headed out. Jan and I were in a small compartment with about 10 other teachers. These idiots started pounding down that cheap ass Thai whiskey immediately. Then, the started singing karaoke. There was a small tv and a sound system in the compartment. Thai music is hard enough to handle, but listening to these fools screech was too much. Because we stopped at a few places on the way, the 4 hour trip down there took 12 hours! Their plan was to arrive at 5pm, go to a caberet show at 7pm, and then leave again at 9am the next day. You gotta be kidding me! As I said, Pattaya is fun central here. There was no way Jan and I were going to spend 24 of 48 hours on a damn bus listening to them again. So, Jan and I stayed an extra day. We had a blast! There was so much to see and do there. There are restaurants from evey country, the beach, great live music and plenty of bars with pretty girls that can't wait to spend your money. I loved it.

Pattaya is a lot cleaner and more interesting than Bangkok. It's not quite as expensive either. The new dream is too retire there. Upon Roong hearing that, she just glared at me. Haaaa. She has been there several times. I will have to work on her for a looooong time to get her to agree to this I think. Roong got a new Pentax camera, so, the next time I go, I will take that, and try and get some decent photos. Night shots are hard with my little Nikon, and I didn't want to take that to the beach for fear of getting it wet, or sand in it, or have it stolen. These shots are of one of the Wats that we stopped at, the great band at "The Rolling Stone" Bar on "Walking Street", and Lamai the bartender there.