Thursday, August 07, 2008

Palmy's B-day

Palmy turned 20 yesterday. She has a few days off between terms at her University, so she is home for a few days. To celebrate the fact that we are one year closer to marrying her silly ass off to some poor, I mean, this joyous occassion, we went out to eat. Bannok was pretty quiet for the first hour we were there. We didn't even have to listen to any karaoke. YAYYY! As the girls spend most of their time nibbling at food, when given a chance to do some serious chowing down, they went at it with a vengence. We were stuffed. The owner, Eat, made this special sweet plate for Palmy with candles and all. She is such a sweety. Palmy and Puk dissappeared for about a half hour, and wandered around the ponds and flower gardens taking pictures. That place is amazing. Nan has got waterfalls and little jungle sections intertwined with the building itself. Since there are no walls, it's hard to tell where one ends, and the other begins. It really is beautiful. These are a few of the shots that the girls took on their cellphones. They managed to take about 75 pics of themselves. That's Palmy in the gray, and Pukky in red.