Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thai Wine

Someone gave me a bottle of Thai wine. I don't remember who or when though. It has been in the fridge for a few months. Palmy came home for the weekend, and asked about it, so I figured that was as good a reason as any to open it. The first problem we encountered was the lack of a corkscrew. We came up with some pretty ingenious ways to try and open the bottle without one, but nothing worked. We stopped just short of getting the Makita and a 3/4 inch wood bit out. I finally just took it to the sink, and lopped the neck of the bottle off. We lost a bit in spillage, but nothing serious.
The first thing we noticed is that Thai red wine isn't all that red. It's kind of a brownish color. The only red thing I have seen here is this rugged ass home made wiskey that the locals brew up at home. It actually tastes pretty good, but will tear you up after about 4 - 5 glasses. Anyway, Palmy and I had a glass. The next thing we noticed, was that it tastes exactly like prune juice. At first, I thought I was gonna hurl, and Palmy was making some pretty strange faces at the taste. But after a few minutes, you kind of get used to it. It wasn't actually that bad. For prune juice I mean. We made it through the bottle, and Palmy ended up rather giggley and sporting a very red face. There are actually more wineries here than I would have believed. I think we need to look in Bangkok, the next time we go. Maybe there will be a better selection.