Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another great Thai plan...Haaaaa!

Ok, here's the latest on the school. They are adding on about 20 rooms to the school I will be teaching at. They have 6 weeks left. They don't even have the roof framing on yet. There is no way it will be finished. I had to go there today and have my photo taken with Jan, and Roxanne. It seems we will get to be on a billboard or two in the area. I am sure they see it as great advertising for the school, but it makes me feel like they are opening a farang petting zoo.
Anyway.... these shots are of the school add-on in progress, the boss and his wife, Roxanne, and Jan.
*Update: I guess I shouldn't complain about the billboard. We have 4 new students at our little school as a result of it. I will try and get a photo of it. It looks hideous! Haaaa!